Interpretation Of Dreams, Shirt Is In A Dream.

shirt in dream

The shirt in a dream As for the shirt in the vision, the man’s woman is perhaps his affair and his livelihood, perhaps his religion and his generosity.

What does mean Shirt In A Dream

If his wife agrees with him in his interests, or his righteous living, or his religion is correct, and whoever sees in him a deficiency or a breakthrough or something similar to that, the juvenile is in one of the aforementioned faces and perhaps the broken shirt will drown out the owner’s affairs and his worries abound, or he leaves his wife.

His owner, and if it is a garment of what he is known as the righteous dress, then it suffers from asceticism and goodness in his religion. She fell off his shirt, because he is separated.

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If he sees his shirt without a pocket or collar while he is wearing it, if he is sick, then it is his death and his shrouding.

Whoever sees that he took off his shirt is his death.

The shirt is in a dream the man’s religion, sustenance, piety, knowledge, or good tidings for him, for the Almighty said: “Go with this shirt, and throw it on my father’s face, he will see.” If a man wears it then he will marry.

The shirt for a woman is a man who will marry him because God Almighty says: “They are your clothes, and you are their clothing.” 

If the shirt is pierced, the man dispenses with his wife. If the shirt is ruptured, it leaves her.

types of seeing shirt in a dream

Who saw:
  • He wore a shirt without ambush, as it was according to his beauty in his religion.
  • That his shirt pocket was torn open a door of poverty.
  • He has many shirts, for in the hereafter he will have a great reward and many good deeds, and the white shirt is a debt.
  • He was given a shirt, so it is good news.
  • That his shirt is broken and dirty, it is poverty, illusion and severity.

If a woman sees that she wore a new, wide shirt, then it is good in her religion and world or the good condition of her husband. The white-green shirt indicates religion. The blue does not praise, the red indicates fame, the yellow indicates illness and the wetness in the dress indicates that something hinders him from traveling, If the wetness wears off, the obstruction will disappear.

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Types of seeing a shirt in a dream

  • He wore a shirt without a pocket or a shirt that indicated his death, and whoever wore a well-known shirt would perform Hajj or travel.
  • He wears a short shirt that does not cover his private parts, then he falls short in his religion. Whoever wears a shirt made of wood, he travels in the sea, and if he is sick, he fears death.
  • On his shirt is a verse from the Qur’an written. He is sticking to the Qur’an, and the black shirt is sad.
  • Upside down shirt, his condition changed to contrary to his habit. Perhaps the shirt was the man’s house.
  • His shirt was split lengthwise, and if it split across the width, that is what is said about its width.
  • His shirt has fallen behind him, so he is accused of words that are said in his honor and he is innocent of him, and if he is in front of him, then the words in which he is said are true to the story of Joseph, peace be upon him.
  • Shirt from the clouds included a blessing.

Daniel said: The white shirt indicates religion, and it was said that it denotes women

Ibn Sirin said: A man’s shirt is the condition that he conceals, his earnings and his livelihood

Other types of seeing a shirt in a dream.

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who saw:

  • His shirt is new, thin, and wide, as it indicates the goodness of his condition, and if otherwise, it indicates his corruption.
  • One part of his shirt has been burnt and torn, as he is in his affairs a mediator between good and evil.
  • His shirt is torn, dirty, or old, as it indicates poverty, distress, and hardship. It may indicate the destruction of its owner, and it may indicate the corruption of his creation in this world so that he has no money, earning, or livelihood.
  • If a king gave him his shirt, and he wore it, it indicates the demise of his possession.
  • He wore a white shirt, and under it an old, dirty shirt, it would be on the outside and contrasted with his inside.
  • That he wore his shirt upside down indicates his hypocrisy.
  • He has a torn shirt on him, indicating that he has divulged his secret.
  • That he has a long shirt on it indicates that an order has been made for a long period. If it is short, otherwise.
  • That he wore a shirt without a suit and without a sleeve, it indicates that his deadline is imminent, and if he was wearing a shirt from behind. Then he is accused of speaking falsehood because God Almighty said. “And if his shirt had been arranged, then I lied.”
  • He gave a shirt to someone, and he wiped his face with it, for it indicates the disappearance of his worry and he gets good news for the Almighty saying, “Go with this shirt and throw it on my father’s face.” The verse.
  • With a shirt stained with blood in his hand, it indicates that the Almighty said: “They came on his shirt with false blood.

The vision of the shirt

The vision of the shirt, if it is new and broad, is interpreted in six aspects: a vision of religious people, a covering, good life and leadership, the attainment of desire, joy, and good news.

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Seeing Many Shirts in Dream

If he sees that he has many shirts, his visions indicate many good deeds for which he will obtain a great reward in the hereafter, and the shirt was said to be interpreted by the gain of a person, his livelihood, his religion, his wife and his affair.

Against him, and perhaps the filthy rags shirt separated his owner and multiplied his worries and the paradox of his wife.

Whoever sees: That he wears a shirt that is expensive or of little presence, then he is adherence to religion. And goodness, especially if the shirt is a Eden

Whoever sees: that he wears a shirt of the righteous shirts. He wears a new shirt and was celibate, then he marries a woman.

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Whoever sees: that he gave him a shirt, it is good news. His condition

Whoever saw: that he has a shirt, and it has become obsolete, for it is the disappearance of his matter, the corruption of his religion and the approaching of his term, and removing the shirt in terms of the sentence if he does not return it indicates that the deadline is near.

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Source: Ibn Sirin