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Chair workout in 15 minutes: How to use your seating furniture as a fitness device

chair-workout -15-min

Have your dumbbells become too light for you or are you missing the right training accessories? Fitness trainer LeaLight has a special workout for you: Whether as a training bench or weight – these exercises with and on a stable chair make your entire body strong and provide new motivation!

Do you need new training stimuli or just a change from your bodyweight workout? Are you missing suitable training equipment at home?

That’s not entirely true, because for our full-body strength training you need nothing more than a stable chair.

With this 15-minute workout, even the super-fit trainer LeaLight will sweat!

Stools or stools as holistic fitness equipment

The chair workout consists of three sets of four exercises each, each of which is performed for 30 seconds. In between there is a ten (urgently needed) second break during which you can prepare for the next exercise. 

The seating you use is used in very different ways.

Whether as an obstacle, as an increase or as a weight: This ordinary everyday object will intensify your training again properly.

In any case, make sure that the seat you are using has a high level of stability so that you do not injure yourself or fall. Therefore, if you are unsure, be careful and do the exercise without a chair or take the time you need.

The chair as an obstacle

In the “Kicks & Squats” and “Split Squats & Arm Raises” exercises, the piece of furniture is used as an obstacle by swinging your legs over it or by positioning them on it for the split squats.

This makes these exercises for legs and buttocks even more intense and also brings more momentum to the whole box – because you have to reach a minimum height. Giving up is not an option.

A chair as a weight bench

For the variants of “Triceps Dips & Kicks”, ” Squat Jumps” and ” Mountain Climber & Push-ups ” you use your chair as a kind of weight bench.

With this you literally bring the gym to your home – without having to spend money on an expensive weight bench – and you can still do these exercises with greater effectiveness.

A chair as a pedestal

On the ground they are supposedly simple. On the other hand, in a chair it is much more difficult to cheat on the following exercises.

Especially when it comes to “Sitting Hold”, “Back Kicks”, ” Superman ” or the “Side Leg Lifts”, many people like to cheat: You don’t lift your leg as high as you could, relax your abdominal muscles, or just short your shoulders or legs from.

But that is not possible in this case. So let’s go!

The chair as a weight

Lea shows how beautiful seating floats with the exercises “Around the World”, “Squat Hold” and the ” Biceps Curls “. The chair is used as a weight and makes exercises that are usually done without equipment or with dumbbells even more strenuous.

After these 15 minutes you will feel why a chair is usually on the floor in your arms and your whole body – have fun!


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