These Genius Vaseline Hacks Will Make Your Life Infinitely Easier


Vaseline: the most well-known brand for vaseline – ‘s been around for over 150 years. Over that point, it’s acquired countless vaseline uses, and we’ve curved up among the better modern-day Vaseline hacks all in a single place. You should use vaseline for face, manicures, and make-up to polishing leather boots. And so there’s, a lot more! You’ll see Vaseline in a completely new light definitely.

1. Mascara


If you’re searching for a replacement for mascara, you can still get the same glossy/defined look by covering your eyebrows with a little amount of Vaseline.

2. Cracked Heels

vaseline uses

If you have problems with cracked and dry epidermis on your heels and foot. Vaseline is precisely what you’re looking for. Before you head to bed, lather the bottoms of your feet with a generous amount of Vaseline, then put on a pair of comfortable fuzzy socks. Leave said socks on overnight, and by the next morning your feet will be hydrated, nourished, and soft as a baby’s behind.


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