Secrets of Getting People to Read Your Email and Want to Work with You

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Imagine being swamped with over a thousand emails. You come across a rambling email from someone who talks about themselves, isn’t sure how to help you, and doesn’t tell you what you should do next. Do you delete it—or respond?

Here’s a snappy procedure to make your messages catch their eye and power them to react:

▶ Compliment the other individual
▶ Show them you know their problems
▶ Get to the point quickly
▶ Establish your credibility
▶ Suggest how you can help specifically
▶ Create a source of inspiration—that is, request that they email you or then again call you on the off chance that they’re intrigued

Always ask yourself, “How might this benefit them? ” One of my understudies utilized this technique, alongside my in exactly the same words email contents, to raise her rates more than 30x… This is how she did it.

Case Study: How Julia Went From $8 to $250 Per Hour with Emails Julia K. is a 24-year-old accounting student from California. When she started my Earn1K course, she had an $8 an hour summer job drawing caricatures at a theme park.

She enjoyed her work, but she wanted to earn more. “I wanted a buffer,” Julia explains. “A little security. My pinnacle of success… was actually just to make $1000 per month with a side gig.”

I taught Julia how to reposition her skill to attract high-end clients. She repositioned
herself as a performer at expos, at that point utilized one of my tried contents to
start reaching out. “Four messages later I got my first reaction: ‘Goodness, awesome. can go to our next occasion.'”

Julia made $200 for her initial 2-hour gig. Since then she has raised her hourly rates to as high as $250/hour. “I made $4,000 in June, and I know I can do even better. In addition, I have my support now… I could make due off my rainy day account for 9 months.””

How to use the Briefcase Technique to Make Clients Beg to Work with You

The Briefcase Technique is an advanced negotiation strategy my students have used to
earn thousands of dollars in just one meeting. It looks obvious, but it’s almost unbeatable. That is on the grounds that its enchantment originates from getting your work done before you at any point set foot in a stay with a possibility.

Here’s how this powerful tool works:

As the business owner, when I’m considering hiring someone for a job, I’ll talk to them about the business, hear their thoughts, and generally get a feel for their skills and their personality.

If I think there’s a possible fit, I’ll ask them about pricing. Now, if the person I’m talking to is using the Briefcase Technique, that’s the exact moment when they pull out a proposal document with things they’ve found in my business that they can improve and exactly how to do it. As the business owner or hiring manager, it’s the most
the compelling document I’ve ever received.

It’s a list of problems I already know about, and they’ve identified them from the outside. Then, they list potential solutions. Do this and you’ve suddenly separated yourself from 99% of other applicants… and you can charge multiple times what other people do because almost nobody does this.

Case Study: How Mike Earned an Extra $6,065 in 8 Weeks

Mike is a 20-something web designer who was struggling to turn his freelancing into
something substantial. He knew his web design skills were in demand, but because he didn’t know how to sell his services, he kept wasting hours on deals that he’d never get paid for.

When Mike and his fiance moved to Vancouver, Canada, he got a full-time job as a web
designer. He didn’t enjoy most of his work. And with a wedding and plans to have kids and travel back home to the UK more often, his $31,000 a year salary wasn’t nearly enough.

“It would be nice to have lots and lots of money,” said Mike, “but the main goal is to have the freedom to travel, raise the kids, enjoy life, and enjoy my hobbies.”

That’s when Mike started following I Will Teach You To Be Rich and signed up for my
complimentary lesson on how to get inside prospects’ heads.

What Changed for Mike?

Before he used my free material and then joined my course, Mike tried to sell people on how great their new websites would look.

“I didn’t have belief in my abilities and I would offer stuff cheap or free. I wasn’t preparing myself enough.” Mike was frustrated by chasing prospects and getting nowhere.

“I wasn’t really getting inside their heads to figure out why they wanted a website, or what problems they had with their business and how a website was going to solve it. Once I started thinking about those things I could create a proposal that made them bite.”

“It was the Briefcase Technique that made the difference for me. I learned to be incredibly prepared for the meeting and focus on the details.”

By getting into his target’s head, Mike’s been able to convert leads into sales. Goodbye
wasted time surfing Craigslist. Hello, hours getting paid. Right after learning more about the Briefcase Technique, Mike created a detailed proposal that “literally sold him straight away.

” Less than an hour after the meeting, he landed his first paying client. Before, Mike was earning around $2,000 per year with his freelance work. Now he’s brought
in over $6,065 in just eight weeks—and he’s on track to say goodbye to his day job and work wherever and whenever he wants.

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