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Want to win from games? Do you have talent in computer games and phone games and want to learn how to win from them? My friend, then I advise you to follow this explanation carefully and read it carefully as my dear Revenue Blog Players I will explain to you the top 5 ways to win games that I personally consider to be the easiest way to win from the Internet for beginners and that make great profits.


We opened our YouTube profit article because it is the best place for anyone who really wants to profit from online games.

All my friend needs are to create YouTube channel, record your tracks, play the game or explain game secrets, especially try game characters and weapons, all about the game through detailed videos, and do everything new to the game, and explain the details of the profit and How you rank your first and especially the profit-making tricks in this game, of course, my friend you have to choose a title that suits your videos an attractive title that encourages people to watch your videos so that you can ensure the most of your video views, such as “and finally we got the gold box! We go to discover its content,” he said.

You should be a race to post everything new to the game and you will be surprised by a very high number of subscriptions and views because in general, the domain of gyming YouTube is a very profitable one and brings a very high number of views exceeding one million per video.

This may be due to its being a popular entertainment or field, and the evidence of this Tunisian player Hashish who started in 2019 with a channel of 0 views, subscribers and ended the year as the owner of the biggest YouTube channel in Tunisia, bypassing all singers, which confirms the strength and popularity of this field.

Of course, you win Money you need your channel to exceed 1000 subscribers and over 4000 hours in the last 12 months to order revenue from your channel and withdraw your profits via Google Adsense.

Your friend can follow this great video that explains how to create a successful YouTube channel.

2. Charge Games

The most popular method of profit from Android games is to make money from shipping games, which is the simplest and easiest way to sell, ship, and game credits. I mean, it was selling free fire.

For example, all people want to buy game characters, clothes, and dances, especially there are stages of the game and actually, in our Arab world, it is difficult for this to come to your turn, all you have to do is download offers to sell game jewelry or ship any famous game.

The first is that the first of the two countries to have a new and new system, which will be a new one, will be the first to have a new system Our free terms for Google Play cards, Steamers or others or you can start with a capital that means you collect money, buy a card, buy Google cards or others to ship games are easy either online or if you own a relative or friend of you in Europe or America who buys you and You can also buy and resell points and get a profit margin that increases the amount and you can promote your offers by creating a Facebook page with your offers or entering into game loans and offering to people.

3. Instagram

If you want to make a fortune and be patient, I recommend this area because it is a fact of treasure, you should open an Instgram account and only specialize it to show games, features, videos for you, play or explain something important or a new trick to exceed a certain level.

I believe that once you have a good number of followers, you will be able to contact you many companies selling electronic products or others, such as a friend who likes Call of Duty and has about 5000 followers on your Instagram, which I called a company and sent to him Bluetooth plugs in return for making the last video, to shoot the speakers or say the truth These speakers are great and help me win and win this game or shoot a picture of speakers and you can keep them with 5 Euro for service means you really think it’s great and very profitable and collect a very easy number of followers if you are a game specialist because all people and The first of the two is the “Gitesin”, which is the “Gitesin”, and the “Gitesin”.

#4 Contests

If you’re a gamer and have great skills that make you always outperform your friends, let you know that you can now profit from your gaming cravings by participating in international game competitions such as the PuBG World or Fortnight, which offer huge physical prizes to all winners, where you are estimated to be Fortnite competition awards 2020 to $100 million.

Here is a successful example of the famous Ninja player who collects over $300,000 a year of contests and lives broadcasts without calculating the profits of YouTube, Instagram, and others.

The game is a professional, experienced and never looked for competitions and even the close-ups that make competitions on a score even if they are weak, participate, gain experience and become famous, and bring people to you to get more famous and more followers, and thus become qualified for many competitions except at the local level or Global.

#5 increase your site revenue

If you have a technical or news site, you can increase your profits by profit from writing articles in the game industry, providing news that is more successful and the most successful Android games per month, and offering the most profitable games per month, so most fans of these games are The content you provide will follow up and therefore, of course, will make additional profits.

You can also hold simple contests on a credit and the competition link is the link to your site where participants find your competition or you can include your site in all of your explanations, which will increase the number of visitors to your site and your profits.

Tips for increasing your online gaming revenue.

The new games, which were not revealed, were first targeted at the explanations and did not talk about them, and of course not any games to you, choose the games that you expect to download quickly from a large number, I mean, for example, they used some statistics of the websites or depending on your experience, and in general, the games like Free fire The game is going to be full of PuBG and Call of Duty
The first of these is the fact that the first of the three games is the first of the games in the Middle Ave.

The first thing we have to do is to get the best out of the game, and to get the best out of the game, and to get the best out of the game, you will be the key and the best way to know about it We will not work on Arabs only.

In the end, I want to say that the game’s profit is a vast area divided into a number of areas from which you can raise profits that were earning from YouTube and using it to bring your visitors to the Instagram and to your site where you will show stock sales offers and which will return you in the end.

Fame enables you to participate in the competitions that ultimately lead to greater profits, don’t let the subject go and follow our exclusive journey and thank you

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