Interpretation Of Dreams, Water Is In A Dream.

water in dream

Water in a dream: Water is good and all if it is in its nature, and it is one of the greatest evils if it arises and goes out of what we are familiar with. With water, the culture and the body grows, and on the water the dependence of man in all the details of his life, but this water may be a scourge in torrents, sea hurricanes, and other water disasters that man has experienced.

How is all this reflected in the interpretation of seeing water in a dream? In this article; We get to know you and the general meaning of seeing water in a dream, and we stop with the interpretation of drinking water and bathing with water in a dream, in addition to seeing drowning and seeing water in the house, and other cases of seeing water in a dream.

The general meaning of seeing water in a dream

Ibn Sirin says in the general meaning of seeing water in a dream that water denotes knowledge, Islam, life and fertility because it contains the life of everything, and it may indicate sperm and reproduction.

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Sheikh Abd al-Ghani al-Nabulsi says in the interpretation of seeing water in a dream that water is a good life, happiness and a sum of money, and water in a dream may indicate marriage

Drinking water in a dream What is the interpretation of drinking

cold water in a dream?

Whoever drank pure, pure water in a dream and did not realize the end of it, then he will be cured of his illness if he is sick, if he is married and not having had his wife, then this dream is an indication of meeting with her and enjoying with her, and whoever sees that he is drinking fresh water in a dream from the well or the waterwheel if he is disobedient He repented, and he may gain a livelihood if he is a merchant.

If the water was delicious in a dream, it indicates guidance, knowledge, and taste, and drinking cold water in the dream in the morning morning will make the seeker fall into permissible money. As for drawing from the well, it may indicate deception and deceit in order to obtain money, and whoever sees it as if he is watering people water in a dream is a good deed. Not taking the price of water in a dream. 

Selling water in a dream:

Whoever sees that he is selling water is wronging people and consuming their money unlawfully, unless he delivers water to their homes or someone who has a need and wants to buy it, then he helps them with that and makes it easier for people to have their needs because he, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said (People are involved in water, pasture and fire).

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Seeing water in the glass:

Whoever drank water in a glass mug in a dream and did not quench it, then his wife is disobedient, while Ibn Sirin says that the glass mug in a dream is a boy, and if the mug is broken and the water remains, the mother dies and the boy remains.

If the water is gone and the mug remains, the mother will die and the boy lives, and God knows best. And whoever gave water with a glass cup in a dream and drank from it; If it is pure, it gets good from a child of him or his wife, and from drinking water in vessels that are permissible in a dream, this indicates the right marriage according to Sharia, as for drinking water from forbidden vessels indicates the corruption of the marriage

Clear water and dark water in a dream:

Pure water in a dream may indicate low prices and the rule of justice.

If freshwater in a dream becomes salty, it indicates difficult things and misguidance after guidance and corruption of religion, but if the water is dirty in the dream, then it indicates illness and corruption of work, earnings, and religion, as water indicates Aker in a dream on hardship fatigue. 

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Bitter water in a dream is a bitter life, and if freshwater becomes salty in a dream this indicates hardship, apostasy, and disobedience.

Drinking sea water.

“salty water in a dream is depression and worries.”

Salty water in a dream is a gloom in general, and from drinking sea water and was muddy, they are affected by the sultan, and whoever sees that he drank all of the sea water in a dream, he will strike a power like the authority of kings or hit money like theirs and extend his life.

Whoever drinks fresh water from the sea in a dream indicates money from the Sultan, and whoever drinks from sea water learns from literature as much as he drank. Like the reputation of the river he drank from among the rivers, if it is known.

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If you Drinking water from the sea in order to be satisfied is that it is financing from someone with power and money, and if the seeker draws from the sea, he seeks a work that he obtains as much as he draws, but if he pours seawater into a vessel, then he makes a lot of money.

Drinking from the river in a dream.

If you drink from the river in a dream afflicts the seeker with dangerous money according to the extent of the river and its greatness.

Washing and bathing in a dream.

What is the meaning of washing with water in a dream?

Bathing in cold water in a dream is a sincere repentance and a cure for illnesses, and whoever is in need, God fulfills his needs, and whoever sees that he is bathing in cold water and was a prisoner is released from his prison, and if he is afraid, he is reassured and his fear is gone.

Whoever sees that he is bathing in brownish water in a dream and comes out of it, that is his release from his worries and distress. If he is sick, God will cure him, and if he is a prisoner, he goes out, and washing with clear water at a time when there is no harm indicates paying off debts.

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Cold water and hot water in a dream

Whoever sees as if hot water has been spilled on him in a dream from a place where he does not know, then he will become very ill or become very distressed.

A dream of drowning and falling into the water.

What is the interpretation of falling into the water?

Whoever sees that he has descended deep water in a dream without reaching its bottom, he will be hit by debt financing or fall into the matter of a big man, but whoever sees that he is falling into stagnant water in a dream, this is anxiety, distress and confinement, and whoever sees that he is thrown into clear water, this will be a surprise.

As for the one who saw that he waded a river, and the mud and mud struck him from the bottom of the river, this indicated a concern on him from a man, and as for whoever crossed the river to the other side, he cut off worry and security after his lightness.

And whoever sees that he fell into the water then came out of it, this may indicate that he fell into grief and departed from it, and the dream of drowning may indicate committing a great calamity and showing heresy.

Seeing water in the house.

You saw water explode from the wall in a dream, what does that mean?

The explosion of water from the wall in a dream indicates grief that afflicts the seeker of men, such as a brother or brother-in-law, and perhaps a friend, and if the water in the dream came out from the wall clear, then that is a misfortune in health.

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If the water comes out from the house after it explodes, then it is the exit of all worries from the house, and if the water remains in the house, that is a permanent concern. For people of evil in a dream an evil that befalls them.

Regarding seeing the flow of water in the house, Ibn Sirin adds that the entry of water into the house in a dream and its flow in it does not indicate good, this may indicate discord among people. Affliction or affliction.

Other cases of seeing water in a dream:

  • Other cases of seeing water in a dream: Whoever sees that he is chewing water in a dream is a treatment for distress in living.
  • Water froth in a dream is money in which there is no good.
  • Whoever sees his face on the water page in a dream, that is a great deal of good and benevolence to his household.
  •  Whoever thinks that he has a net of pure water is inherited money.
  • who saw that he was sucking water by sucking this indicated his troubled life. 
  • Wet clothes in a dream: travel, imprisonment, or failure to achieve a goal.
  • Whoever sees the river’s water, he is exposed to controversy, quarrel, or affliction, because the river acquired its name from its sound. 
  • Sees that he is drowning underwater in a dream, then he is away from the path of God Almighty and dives into this world. 
  • Whoever sees that he is swimming in stagnant water is the owner of a routine in his work that does not like renewal. 
  • Whoever sees that he was hit by rainwater in a dream, it is a mercy from God. 
  • And whoever thinks that it is wasting water, then it violates the Sunnah because the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, explicitly forbade that.

Source: Ibn Sirin