Interpretation Of Dreams, Marriage Is In A Dream.

marriage in a dream

Meaning of marriage is in a dream

Marriage in a dream Marriage in a dream indicates the care of God Almighty. 

Perhaps marriage indicates families, religion, worry, and distress. If a person marries an unknown woman, this indicates the nearness of the term and the journey from home to home.

If it is suitable for the emirate, he or she has assumed a position befitting him, and if it is by a wedding according to custom, then it is a position or a good reputation, and marriage passes through In the profession, whoever sees that he married a woman then she dies, then he works in a profession that will only get work, trouble and worry from her.

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Whoever sees:

That he married a Jewish woman, then he is pursuing a profession that will gain from her sin and commit sins. And whoever sees: that he married a Christian woman, then he pursues a craft in which it is invalid, and if she is a Magi, then it is a craft without religion.

Whoever marries a prostitute is an adulterer, and whoever marries a healthy wife is bound by a heavy restriction, and whoever marries a dog, he has a low order. And whoever saw: a person married a woman and transferred her to him would receive money.

And whoever sees: his wife married a man to the wife of the Sultan who obtained a king if he was qualified for that, otherwise he would take over the mandate, and whoever married a dead woman would gain a dead matter he might despair of, and if the sick woman married and whoever saw the husband and did not know him she would die, as well as the sick man if he married in his sleep and did not He inspects the woman but does not know her, then he dies, and from his mother’s husband, he sells his property. 

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Pregnant women Married in a Dream

If a pregnant woman sees that she is married, then she gives birth to a maid, and if she is present like a bride, she gives birth to a boy. If a woman and she has a son sees that she is married, then she marries her son, and if a single or married woman marries in a dream, she will obtain good, and if a woman marries a dead man, she is separated and poor. 

And whoever saw: that he married a woman and he had a wife or wives, he had a choice and authority as much as the woman’s beauty and her appearance if he examined her and knew her, and if he did not know her and she was preparing for him, this is evidence of his death or the death of a person at his hands.

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Whoever believes: that he married the daughter of an unknown sheikh, then he will suffer a great deal of good. And if a woman sees that she has married an unknown sheikh, then she is suffering a lot, and if she is sick she is cured of her illness. And whoever saw: that he married a dead woman from his wife, she would reach her womb, and if she was alive, her womb would be cut off. 

Whoever sees: that he married a mahram, then his family prevails, and the wife in the dream is a partner, enemy, oppressive ruler, arch opponent, or king, and all that the earth indicates to him in terms of comfort, fatigue, good or evil, then he is attributed to the wife like him for his indication of it.

Meller marry in a dream:

Marriage in a dream If a girl dreamed that she had married an old man with wrinkled face with gray hair, then this predicts that problems and disease will surround her. 

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If a girl dreamed that her lover passed by in front of her wearing a black dress and looked at her with reprimanding looks during a wedding party, this means that she will feel sorry for the coldness of her friend’s emotions and change his attitude towards her. 

If you dream of seeing a wedding, this indicates that joy and happiness will overwhelm you if the audience is happy and wears brightly colored clothes. But if they wear black and dark clothes, that means that sadness and sorrow await you. 

If you dream that you sign a marriage contract, then this means bad news from an absent person. 

Present At A Wedding

If you are present at a wedding, this means that you will be happy because of the interest of someone you love, and your business will also flourish greatly. 

You dreamed of a bad accident in a wedding, that means a calamity, illness or death in the family. 

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A girl dreams that she is a bride, but she is unhappy, then this means disappointment in the ocean of passion, and this may mean her illness. She has to be careful in her behavior and steps if enemies lie in wait for her.

  • You dream that you are bound by an unrecognized marriage, then this indicates that you will engage in a reckless way in an unpleasant matter. 
  • If a girl dreams that I am not convinced of her marriage, this foretells that her tendencies will incite her to commit flagrant stupidity. 
  • If a married woman dreams of her wedding day, this foreshadows her to strengthen her strength and feelings against disappointment and grief. You will also get involved in secret quarrels and jealousy situations. 
  • If a woman imagines that she is happy and safely cared for in a marriage, then this dream bodes well.

Rare marriage of black short

A man came to Eber and said that I got engaged to a woman, and I saw her with a short black woman, and he said to him: Go and marry her.

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Muhammad bin Sirin marry again

And if a woman who had a husband saw that she had married another, then she would have had a good and a favor, and if the married man saw that he had married another, he would gain authority, and if he married ten, that would be good for him every.

Source: Ibn Sirin