Interpretation Of Dreams, Leg is in a dream.

leg in a dream

Types Of Leg Is In A Dream

The leg in a dream is the age of a person and his pillar in his livelihood. If he sees that his leg is made of iron, then his life will be prolonged, and if he sees them from flasks, then his life will approach. 

And whoever saw: that he lifted a leg and extended a leg, so that his legs were turned to each other, because his life has approached or close to him is a tremendous difficult matter. 

If he sees a woman’s leg and then knows her, he will marry her or marry another, and if the woman reveals her legs, her religion is good and it becomes better than it was. And whoever sees: A lot of hair on the legs of his legs, and Dion rides it, and dies in prison.

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Whoever sees the leg in a dream: that it is a crooked leg, then he becomes an adulterer, and the leg is the money of a person and his livelihood, so whoever sees that his leg is made of iron, his money remains with his long life, and if his leg is of wood, then he is weak from his livelihood and seeking his livelihood. 

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If he sees his leg of clay, he will not soon die, or his money is gone, and if he has a son or an animal or a king, some of that will go away from him. And if he sees his leg decreased, that is a shortage of his money that he has to rely on, and that may be a decrease in his life, and whoever pursues one leg will give half of his money.

Interpretation Of Dreams, The leg is in a dream.

Whoever saw: that the legs of his feet were cut off by all his gold. It may indicate his death unless there is evidence in the vision that indicates goodness, for he is promoting himself with a bear that he rides, or indicating a ride on a ship or a good that he can do or a friend who leads him. Heels. 

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Whoever sees: In a dream, a good, fat leg indicates the goodness of what he is driving or driving to, and the growth of hair on a woman’s leg is a humiliation and ruse. Perhaps this indicates the emergence of secrets and guidance after misguidance. And the leg may indicate severity. If he sees two legs wrapped, this indicates fear and affliction, and uncovering the leg is evidence of abandoning prayer and humiliation after glory.

Leg miller in a dream:

Leg in a dream If you dream that you admire slender female legs, then you will lose your sound judgment on matters, and you will act silly with a charming woman.

  • If you see deformed legs, then this indicates unprofitable occupations and companions of poor character. 
  • A wounded leg is a sign of painful malaria attacks and losses. 
  • You dream that you have a wooden leg, this indicates that you will falsely demean yourself for your friends. 
  • If a sore appears on your legs, this symbolizes a burden on your income by helping others. 
  • Whether You dream that you have three legs or more, this indicates that your imagination will draw up many projects, one of which will never benefit you. 
  • You are unable to use your legs this portends poverty. 
  • You amputate a leg, you will lose valuable friends and the effects of the house will make your life unbearable. 
  • Whether a girl likes her legs, this indicates insignificance, and the man who impresses her will turn her away. 
  • If in a dream she has two legs that are full of hair, then she will dominate her husband. 
  • If your legs are clean and well-formed, this indicates a happy future and loyal friends.

Source: Ibn Sirin