Interpretation Of Dreams, Killed Is In A Dream.


Killed In Dream: Dreams are another life we ​​live when sleeping, whether it is a happy or sad life, you try to escape from it by waking up in an attempt and desire to discover the meaning of the dream, especially the dreams that arouse your attention, such as killing someone in a dream.

Interpretation of killing someone in a dream.

Murder in a dream, because there are external factors in your daily life that affect your personality. When you dream that you are killing a person in a dream, it denotes that you are running away from someone’s influence on you, it may be the same person that you kill in the dream. 

Dreams of murder are often common among individuals who suffer from depression or individuals who have given up on addiction and other bad habits and try to vent their negative feelings and depression to visual displays in the dream, such as murder. 

Therefore, you cannot summarize the interpretation of killing someone in a dream in one answer, because there are many positive or negative meanings, and this is because each person has different thinking and different situations. 

You can interpret killing a person in a dream based on the meanings listed below:

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Here is the detailed explanation of these different situations when you dream about killing someone:

Interpretation of killing someone in a dream:

  • Murder in a dream generally indicates a desire to gain power. And there is another aspect when interpreting, which is that you are suffering from a problem, and this dream is an expression of your desire to solve part of this problem in a quick way.
  • When you dream that you hit a person to death in the dream, it indicates that anger possesses you and maybe a source of frustration for you.
  • Dreams of killing are repeated more than once, it is not a good sign, as this indicates that you are living in mental conflicts.
  • When you witness the killing of someone in a dream, this could portend the death of a member of your family. There is another aspect when interpreting this dream, which is that you feel very angry at this person or even at yourself.

When you dream that you have killed a helpless person in the dream, it refers to the sadness and worry that you may experience in the future.

When you kill someone in self-defense, it denotes that your social or professional situation is changing for the better.

If you dreamed that someone killed you, this means that you will be in great danger in your life.

You see another person being killed in a dream

When you see another person being killed in a dream, it denotes that you will feel remorse and sadness in the coming period.

When you see in a dream that one of your parents has been killed, this may be a sign of the change that you will go through in the next stage.

You dream that you are committing a murder in a dream, it indicates that there are changes that will happen to you regardless of the return that you will pay for this change to happen.

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A dream about killing someone in a dream may be a negative sign of intense jealousy of this person, especially when you feel happy when killing another person.

Killing someone in a dream

Killing someone in a dream, as a result of you feeling that someone has destroyed your life intentionally or tried to embarrass you in a situation important to you, or try to destroy your reputation in society.

When you see yourself trying to kill someone in a dream and fail, this may reflect your failed attempt to embarrass someone.

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When a married woman has persistent homicide nightmares, it may indicate her fear of being beaten or harmed by her husband.

When a woman dreams of killing a large number of people in the dream, this indicates the death of many of her friends.

Interpretation of killing someone in a dream by Nabulsi:

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Al-Nabulsi mentions that there are different interpretations of killing in a dream, and they are as follows:

Whoever thinks that he kills himself in a dream indicates that he repented sincerely. 

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Whoever thinks that he kills a person will commit a great sin, and the person who was killed will do good to him. 

Whoever thinks that he killed his father will receive a large income.

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Interpretation of killing someone in a dream by Ibn Shaheen:

Whoever believes that a group of individuals killed him, he will obtain authority and judgment for the Almighty saying, “He who kills the oppressed has made us to his heir a ruler”

from the opinion that he kills his son will have a permissible provision for saying God Almighty, “Do not kill your children for fear of destroying them.”

And others were said That he oppresses his father because of money and the glory of this world Whoever thinks that he killed a person does not know who she is, for he will triumph over his enemy and save him from worry and grief for saying, Come on, “I killed a soul and we saved you from grief.”

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Source: Ibn Sirin