Interpretation Of Dreams, Dog Is In A Dream.

Dog in dream

The dog in a dream, and as for the dog, is a weak and sordid enemy, whoever sees that he is barking on a dog, he hears from a person with little affection what he hates. He gets it from that over words, and if he sees that he kills a dog, then he is victorious after him. If a mean man contradicts him with his family, and whoever sees a dog who tears a member of it or similar to it, then he is an immoral man who abuses his son, daughter or boy

What does it mean when you dream about a dog

A dog in a dream is a foolish man in a dream, so if he barks, then he is a foolish, outrageous nature. And whoever saw: a dog that bitten him took harm from his enemy.

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A dog tore his clothes if a fool is backbiting him, and if he does not hear his barking then he is an enemy, and the dog is a vile woman, and a dog puppy is a beloved boy, and if he is white then he is a believer.

If he is black then his household prevails, and it was said that a dog pup is a bastard raised by a foolish man, and a shepherd dog is useful, The domestic dog is an unfair enemy, and the Saluki dog indicates the seer’s validity for the Sultanate, and the Chinese dog indicates that the seer mixes with foreigners.

Who Saw:

  • He took a dog, he accompanied a man from the servants.
  • That a dog bitten him suffered misfortune, harm and distress from a friend or servant.
  • He hunts with dogs and gets his wish.
  • He kills dogs, so he will win over his enemy, and hunting dogs are good for all people, and if he sees them coming back from hunting, it indicates that panic has gone away, and that there is unemployment.
  • And if he saw a barking dog, it indicates harm, and the dog indicates a fever because of the planet that is called the dog, which is Sirius, which is the cause of fevers. Untruthful.
  • He turned a dog, because God Almighty had taught him a great knowledge, and he was broken, so God stole him from him, and the dog is a weak enemy or a scant man.
  • If a dog barks at him, he hears words from a person of low virility that he hates.

A dog barked in a dream

Whoever sees: that a dog barks at him, he hears words from a person of little virility that he hates. And whoever sees: that he eats the meat of a dog, he triumphs over his enemy and hits his money, and the dog indicates the guard, and drinking the dog’s milk is fear. 

Perhaps indicated by meanness, humiliation, and self-humiliation. The dog indicates demanding the world without saving, and the hunting dog is glorified, high, and has a livelihood, and the cattle dog is a good neighbor who is jealous of the family and the neighbor. 

Perhaps the dog’s approval indicates the fine in the money, and the dog’s companionship indicates the disappearance of the story of the people of the cave, and the dog is a conservative woman for the husband with many offspring. 

The dog indicates disbelief and despair from the mercy of God Almighty, and seeing a cave dog denotes fear and imprisonment, or escaping, and seeing it in the country is evidence of the renewal of guardianship.

What is the spiritual meaning of a dog in a dream?

If you dreamed of a wild dog, this means enemies and constant misfortune. 

If you dream that a dog is wooing you, then this means abundant profit and loyal friends. 

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Dream of owning a dog with good qualities, this means that you will have wealth that is stable. 

If you dream that a police dog is following you, then it is possible that you will be subjected to a temptation that risks your collapse.

And If you dream of small dogs, this means that your basic thoughts and delights belong to a trivial type. 

If you dream of dogs biting you, this foretells about a troublesome companion in marriage or at work. Lean and dirty dogs mean failure in business and also mean illness among children. 

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Dreamed of a dog fair, this means that luck will serve you many and varied services. 

Hear dogs barking in a dream, this foretells news of a depressing nature, and that is more than just the possibility that the dream will be followed by difficulties. 

See dogs chasing foxes and other large prey

See dogs chasing foxes and other large prey, this means extraordinary activity in all cases. Seeing cute, spoiled dogs indicates a love of show, and that the dreamer is selfish and narrow-minded. As for girls, this dream foretells of the beloved’s insignificance. 

Feel terrified at seeing a huge guard dog, this means that you will suffer hardships due to efforts to rise above average. 

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A woman dreams of this, she will marry a wise and humane man. If you hear dogs roaring and roaring, this means that you are at the mercy of cunning people and will wish you in a disturbing home environment. 

If you hear a lonely barking from a dog, this foretells of death or a long separation from friends. 

And If you hear dogs roaring and struggling, this foretells that enemies will overcome you and your life will be filled with despair. 

Dog And Cat In Dream

And If you see dogs and cats on an ostensible agreement, and suddenly each of them turns against the other, muffing their fangs, and a public quarrel ensues, then you will face a calamity in love and in worldly delights unless you succeed in calming the situation. 

You dreamed of a friendly white dog approaching him, this foretells of victorious work, whether on the career level or in love. For a girl, this dream heralds an early marriage. 

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If you dream of a multi-headed dog, you will try to have many branches to operate at one time. Success always comes by concentrating energies, and this dream should be a warning to a person who wishes to succeed in anything. 

Rabid Dog In A Dream

If you dreamed of a rabid dog, your efforts will not bring you the results that are present, and a serious disease may erupt in your vital organs. 

If a mad dog bites you, it is an indication that you or someone you love is on the verge of insanity. A terrible tragedy may occur. 

You dream that you are traveling alone and that a dog follows you, this foretells of loyal friends and successful projects. 

You dream of dogs swimming, this means for you an easy extension towards happiness and luck. If you dreamed that a dog killed a cat in your presence, this indicates profitable dealings and unexpected fun.

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A dog kills a snake in your presence this heralds good luck.

Source: Ibn Sirin