A complete workout in 7 minutes 50 to start HIIT


Here is an ideal HIIT program for beginners who are new to and want to start high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This complete program is scalable from 7 to 21 minutes depending on your physical condition and the time you have available. The exercises do not require any special equipment (a chair and a wall) and can be done anywhere (at home, in the office, or while traveling).

The workout in 7 minutes and 50 seconds

This HIIT workout was created by 2 Americans, Brett Klika and Chris Jordan, to respond to a problem for their clients: exercising anywhere, without special equipment and being able to integrate it into an overloaded schedule. . They drew on numerous scientific studies to build The 7 Minute Workout, which was widely distributed thanks to its publication in The New York Times.

Their HIIT training uses only bodyweight exercises that incorporate cardio and strength training. It lasts about 7 minutes but it can be repeated 2 or 3 times depending on your level and the time you have (7, 14 or 21 minutes)

These exercises were chosen for:

  • develop the strength of the main muscle groups.
  • be balanced with weight training and cardio.
  • use different muscles to develop body harmoniously.
  • be easily modifiable and adaptable to manage the intensity; be simple and achievable by everyone.

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Hiit At Home 12 Exercises

  1. jumping jack
  2. chair against a wall: this is called “making the chair”
  3. pumps
  4. abdominals: put your back on the ground, do not put your hands behind your head, straighten your arms and just lift off your upper shoulders while always keeping your lower back glued to the ground
  5. get on a chair
  6. squats: feet shoulder-width apart, lower yourself with your back straight, arms parallel to the floor, and look ahead
  7. dips on a chair
  8. plank: get on your elbows and tiptoes, curl the whole body and remember to keep your legs, buttocks, and back inline
  9. run in place: raise your knees as high as possible
  10. front slits
  11. T-push-ups: these are the same as conventional push-ups except that in the high position, arms outstretched, with your body sheathed, you rotate your body to one side to form a T
  12. side plank: keep legs, hips, and bust aligned.

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Hiit Workout At Home Tips:

  • think about (or “try to” 😉) catch your breath on the following exercises: 2, 4, 8 and 1
  • prefer to use something other than a chair as it can tend to slide depending on the floor
  • To quickly alternate your legs in Exercise 5, come back down, leaving the foot of the leg you will be working on the chair. I say this because it took me a few repetitions to figure out the trick.

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