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Free Money is easy to get on the internet these days. You can get money fast without having to sell anything – and without having to fill in forms or do surveys. The really “Fast” way to make money online is with CPA programs.

CPA stands for Cost per Action – where an advertiser pays referrers (affiliate marketers) for every referral who completes an appropriate action. In many CPA programs all that is required is for the website visitor to accept a free gift.

The advertiser provides free gifts in exchange for people providing their name and email address. This is so the advertiser can subsequently send them offers which they might pay for. The affiliate does not have to sell anything to get paid by the advertiser and there is never any refund by the affiliate marketer since there is no purchase required by prospects for them to get paid.

Usually there is no obligation for the person accepting the free gift other than provide their email address. While in some instances they may be required to complete a short questionnaire or to visit particular websites in order to qualify.

This is not to say that there are not some CPA programs around which do not adhere to these rules. In fact, some programs which purportedly pay commission to affiliate marketers for “leads” actually do not pay unless the prospect takes an action tantamount to a purchase. This can be actually making a purchase or applying for and being accepted for a New Credit Card. It is misleading for the advertisers to promote their programs as payment for leads when in fact they only pay for a prospect actually paying them or otherwise signing up. However, it is a prevalent practice. So be warned.

Still there are many CPA programs around which do pay just for the affiliate marketer sending prospects to them with the only requirement being that the prospect accepts something free. In such instances it is a win, win, win situation. Each party gets something they want. The affiliate marketer gets Free Money.

The website visitor gets a Free Gift. And the Advertiser gets details of a prospective customer who is willing to accept notification of offers from them. This is a way advertisers can get leads fast and it removes the affiliate marketer from the actual selling process. Advertisers realize that the unskilled affiliate marketer is more likely to damage customer relationships than be able to make a sale.

It is a fact that over 95% of affiliate marketers on the internet fail. The majority of people do not make any money trying to sell products on the net. Ultimately the unsuccessful affiliate marketer just gives up – leaving three big holes. The first hole is most often in the affiliates pocket.

Not only do they not make money promoting other peoples’ products online but in most instances they have themselves outlaid dollars in acquiring a domain name, building or buying a website, paying for web-hosting and probably purchasing material to teach them how to market online or to give them some of the tools being promoted usually by successful marketers to newbies.

The second hole is the unfulfilled prospects – who never receive the free gifts or other opportunities that they miss out on with the absence of the affiliate marketer. The third hole is in the balance sheet of the advertiser – who fails to get any sales revenue and who has spent a lot of money developing their products and endeavoring to market them on the internet.

The “No Selling” method for affiliate marketers is a godsend for all. Serious affiliates can make a lot of money fast simply by driving traffic to the advertisers door. No sale is required for you to make money and there is only one thing you need to do – which is simply to “drive traffic”.

Joining a CPA program is a matter of signing up with any number of CPA networks who manage the advertisers and affiliates programs. It is not always easy to get accepted by the CPA networks though – as their screening process often excludes applicants first off.

However, once you find out the correct procedure to adopt for applying an applicant can usually get accepted as an affiliate for any CPA network. Presentation and persistence are the keywords here. Fortunately to make the task even easier for an affiliate marketer to be successful there a few quite good “ebooks” and training videos around that layout that you need to know about CPA programs; the application process and how to market CPA products.

You can easily follow the blueprint to make money fast. It is “Free Money” as you really do not have to pay for expensive “Pay Per Click” advertising and you can use all the tools for generating Free Traffic. Obviously, if you want to achieve more money quicker it is worthwhile having your own domain name. Always use a “.com” as it is the most valuable for “type in traffic” and for subsequent resale.

For registration cost of less than $10 that will run your expenses for the entire year to less than 2 cents each week. There are places where you can get “Free Websites” and “Free Hosting” without obtrusive advertising overshadowing your site. Then with your 2 cent domain, you can just forward it to your “Free Website” to which you generate “Free Traffic”. Is it not great living in a “FREE” world?

Louise Lewis – previously an investigative journalist – is now a happily married full-time mother and part-time internet marketer principally interested in assisting New Affiliates with Affiliate Marketing and CPA (Cost Per Action).

The principal website for Louise is [] – which provides a lot of information about all types of Internet Affiliate Programs and offers Free access to a CPA lesson course and Newsletters on Affiliate Marketing

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