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How To Do Ballet Workout At Home In 2021


So, you want to know how to do a ballet workout at home: Today you don’t have your ballet class, but you want to dance. Don’t worry, you can put together an exercise program just for you. Granted, it’s not the ideal solution when you can’t take your class, but it’s a thousand times better than not practicing. Know that you don’t need a ballet class to dance.

How To Do Ballet Workout At Home

1.Getting ready to dance.

Arrange a place to dance. You will need a spacious location to perform the ballet movements. If you don’t use a bar, you can also use an armchair or chair. To have space to move well, temporarily or continuously free a room.

  • Before you start, make sure the floor of the room where you want to dance is not concrete. A rigid floor can permanently damage your knees while you do your jumps.
  • Replace the bar with another object. They are found in almost all ballet classes.
  • You can make them yourself with wood, pipes, or even a table and chairs!
  • Do some research online to find out how to make a bar yourself.
  • If you don’t like the idea, then use the back edge of a table or chair or whatever is balanced and can support your weight.

Select a melody.

It is an essential element to stay in the rhythm of classical dance. Make a selection of your favorite songs, whatever the style. You can practice with classical or pop music, although classical is more suitable.

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The most important thing is to find background and motivating music. If the song can help you count, then it’s suitable. If you are used to listening to classical music, this might be a perfect choice.

Go on the internet and look for tutorials.

Use them to guide your training or even exercise with them. You have the option of starting and stopping or resuming playback during your practice session with a command. You will therefore no longer need to move each time to go to the audio player.

  • Subscribe to a channel that broadcasts your favorite dance lessons.
  • You could thus inform yourself about the novelties in order to change your exercise sessions from time to time.

Make yourself comfortable.

Girls are often required to wear leotards over pink colored tights during dance lessons and boys to put on a white T-shirt or sleeveless jersey with black colored tights. You don’t need to put on a tutu. Nevertheless, if you prefer to wear it, use it for combinations in the middle. Another solution would be a wrap skirt.

  • Put on the correct shoes. Dance shoes can do the trick. However, you cannot replace them with socks.
  • Walk barefoot.
  • Never wear sneakers, stiff-soled shoes, or ballet flats.
  • Although these are known as ballet shoes, you should not use them for ballet.

2. Warm-up and stretch before dancing

Warm-up and stretch.

First of all, you have to warm up. You can hurt yourself if you don’t. In this case, you should do some simple stretching exercises such as the side stretch or the butterfly position.

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If you don’t, it will cause excessive stretching or muscle pain. You can search for videos of people doing warm-ups and stretches before you start dancing and doing like them. Never stretch more than necessary (especially before going on stage). This is not recommended.

3. Make training movements as a beginner

Learn how to do a plié.

The plies are the simplest dance steps, but also the most difficult to master. Doing a plie is just the act of bending your knees in a squatting position. However, as you attempt to perform this movement, your heels MUST be kept on the ground.

Do this by holding your barbell in the first, second, and fifth position. Newbies should perform plies facing the bar and in the starting position. As soon as you have mastered the demi-plié, you can still attempt to perform the grand plié (the heels may lift off the ground slightly). Also, make sure your knees are over your big toes and your back is straight.

Make tense.

A stretch is an action of straightening one leg by pointing the foot and having the leg straight.

The stretch can be done at the front, side, or back. Do this move from the first if you have just started, then you can try to do the fifth once you have mastered the tenses of the first position.


Throws are stretched with the difference that they come a few centimeters above the floor (2 to 5 cm). You can also do them in the front, side or back.

Perform the big beats.

The big beat is a classical dance figure that involves throwing the leg straight with the toe pointed forward.

  • While performing the beats, avoid going abruptly: perform them calmly, while keeping the upper part of your body fixed.
  • Don’t forget to touch the ground with your foot.

Perform jumps.

It is possible to perform the jumps in the first position or in the second position (apart from the sixth). All you need to do is perform a plie, lift off the ground, and return to a plie motion.

  • You also have the option of doing a single fumble, which is nothing more than a jump from first to the second position.
  • The change is another type of jump, which is a jump made from the fifth position by landing with the leg that was in the front at the back.

4. Perform the movements while dancing

Develop a dance routine or a workout program.

Find classical dance routine or sequence videos. Watch ballet lessons on YouTube to get ideas for establishing your own routine or workout, as explained above.

Whether your choice is the routine or the series of ballet exercises, make sure that there is enough space to dance freely, and that you are able to follow it. Otherwise, you will not be motivated.

  • Remember to do something simple while it’s at home, or it could result in bad habits that will be hard to change (other than that, there’s a good chance you’ll hurt).
  • If you are already used to dancing, practice with the sequences you had to do in ballet class. It’s good to repeat them over and over again so you don’t forget them.

Have fun.

The goal of ballet dancing at home is to have fun. Be relaxed all the time and have a good time dancing until you are exhausted.

Remember: nothing is impossible with a valiant heart!

Ballet Workout Advices

If you’ve worn ballet flats, wear toe pads and tights. Do not dance en pointe unless you have already done it in class because it can hurt yourself.

Look for someone who is excellent and has experience in ballet dancing to watch you.

She can make comments so you can improve what needs to be. She can also give you advice on a few other movements to incorporate to make the experience more enjoyable.

It is important to be able to wear demi-pointe shoes while doing classical dance and therefore to be a good star dancer. You will therefore have to practice day by day in order to acquire the necessary strength to accomplish this feat.

Dancing at home can be useful for those who are just trying to learn the basics, but who do not have the opportunity to take real dance lessons. Finding a teacher is important if you are going to go far in ballet.

Besides using a bar, you can also dance in the middle of the room. This will allow you to have more balance and coordination. Just be careful when doing the pointe movements away from the bar and when you have expert guidance.

Before starting your stretching exercises at home, warm up properly (you could do some cardiovascular exercises beforehand), otherwise, you run the risk of being seriously injured, such as having a muscle or ligament tear, etc.

In the beginning, don’t try out complex dance moves that you see in ballets or on reality shows. Start with the basics.

Ballet Workout Warnings

  1. Dance in a large room so you don’t hurt yourself or hit anything.
  2. You could hurt yourself if you don’t stretch.
  3. Before dancing en pointe, make sure you have strength and balance. You need time and years to know how to dance en pointe. Do everything possible to have a certified ballet instructor who will tell you when the time comes when to choose the right shoes to pay for.
  4. Don’t put on ballerinas unless your dance teacher tells you you’re ready.
  5. Don’t think about dancing with ballet flats, as not only could you hurt yourself, they are extremely expensive too.
  6. If you are allowed to dance en pointe, make sure you have a mat downstairs because you could slip and injure yourself.
  7. If you try to do something difficult you could injure yourself too, so make sure you have control over what you are doing.

Source: Wikihow

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