15 Foods That Make Irritable Bowel Syndrome Worse

15 Foods That Make Irritable Bowel Syndrome Worse

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a chronic functional gastrointestinal disease that affects roughly 15% of people in America. A functional gastrointestinal disease is described as one where the GI tract does not always operate normally, but there aren’t any discernible structural abnormalities. Likewise, when physicians administer some tests, the results normally return as normal.

In 2019, “The American Journal of Gastroenterology” explained a study where researchers found differences between the bowel bacteria of individuals who have irritable bowel syndrome and people who have healthy digestive tracts. Some genera of bacteria are more prevalent in patients with IBS, and many others are somewhat less common. The scientists theorized that differences in gut bacteria inhabitants could influence a patient’s ability to digest certain foods.

15 foods That Can Worsen Irritable Bowel Symptoms

15. Alcohol

Alcohol isn’t digested in precisely the exact same manner as other foods; the gut absorbs just 20 percent of it whereas the small intestine absorbs the remainder. Alcohol can consequently throw the digestive tract out of whack. Since the alcohol enters the gut, it causes the gut to produce abnormally substantial quantities of stomach acid. The gut is so active in producing acid it can not ward off dangerous bacteria, and a few of those germs go down the digestive tract. Likewise, alcohol may damage the mucous membranes from the gut and lead to inflammation and lesions at the gut lining.

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